Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Motion controls in FCP

You can easily control the "motions" of your clips in the timeline to create some very effective looks.

Double click on the clip in the timeline. Click on the 'motion' tab in the Viewer window. Here you will be able to adjust the scale, rotation and position of the image, as well as crop it and feather the edge, adjust the aspect ration and the opacity, amongst other things, just by changing the parameters.

For example you could have multiple create a grid of 4 videos just by scaling them to 50 and repositioning the centre of each.

You can easily change the speed or direction of a clip. With the clip selected (either in the timeline or in the browser) > Modify > Change Speed (command J). If you want the clip to play in slow motion change the rate to a number less than 100, if you want it to play quicker change it to a number greater than 100. You can also check the reverse box if you want it to play backwards. The number in the rate box will turn red if reverse is selected.

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