Thursday, 28 February 2013

Illustrator - Paint With Brush

Illustrator - Create You Own Brush

Illustrator - Add a Brushstroke to Outlines

Illustrator - Send Object backwards, Bring Object Forwrads

Illustrator - Making Compound Paths

Illustrator - Fill and Stroke

Illustrator- Image Trace. Scanned Image with Adjusted Levels.

Illustrator - Image Trace. Scanned Image

Illustrator - Comparison Between Drawn Image and Live Traced Image

Both of the images were created in Illustrator.

For the image on the left I imported my pencil sketch and then traced it using the Pen Tool.
I threw away my sketch when I gad finished tracing.

It's slow but very accurate.

For the image on the right I imported my sketch into Illustrator and Live Traced it.
That means that the computer created the line work for me.

It's faster, but not as accurate.

Illustrator - Image Trace

In Illustrator go to the File Menu

File > Place..

Find your image and click OK

When your image has opened in Illustrator go to the Window menu.

Window > Image Trace

These are the optimal settings for tracing the scan we have created:

Click Trace.

If you are happy with the result, go to the Control Panel and click Expand.

Your drawing is now converted into vector art work.

Illustrator - Turning Outlines Into Shapes

Illustrator - Tracing Template 5

Illustrator - Tracing Template 4

Illustrator - Tracing Template 3

Illustrator - Tracing Template 2

Illustrator - Tracing Template 1

Illustrator - Tracing with the Pen Tool

Illustrator - Placing an Image

Illustrator - Pen Tool

Illustrator - Basic Actions

Illustrator - Tool Box


Here are the tutes and templates which we will be using in week Illustrator.

You can copy them to a file on your back-up device or print them out.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cool Contemporary Art Websites

Just some cool websites to get your creative minds ticking...

This is Colossal


Loaning equipment

Before you can borrow media equipment you must complete the OHS session run by David Redknap and fill in the appropriate paper work before you can be approved.

Sessions are running at St Albans:
Mon 11 March 1-1:45pm room 10.228
Thur 14 March 10-10:45  room 10.228
Fri 15 March 10-10:45 room 7.215

Footscray Park:
Mon 4 March 2-3pm room D232
Wed 6 March 2-3pm A315
Fri 8 March 2-3pm A315
Tues 12 March 2-3pm A219
Thur 14 March 2-3pm A219

The loan website is :

Contact Details -

Loans Officer: Ilya Kerig


St.Albans Campus Building 7 Room 206, Media CentrePh: 9919 2496
Monday to Friday 9:00am to Midday
Footscray Park Campus Building E106
Ph 9919 9516
(level 1, outside the automatic doors near the stairwell, near the student centre); go down passage and is the office on the right-hand side).
Monday to Friday 2pm to 5pm
For any difficulties or faults:
Media Centre Coordinator:

Ph: 9919 2183

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Final Folio.

Your final folio needs to contain the following:

Illustrator: 1 piece

Photoshop: 1 set of photos (at least 3)

Photoshop: 1 collage

Final Cut: 1 video (1-2 minutes long or a 30 seconds if stop motion)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


You are required to submit a digital art proposal for the work you intend on creating over the semester (you will eventually hand in 4 finished artworks from those created during class time). Your proposal is to be up to 1 typed A4 page (approximately 500 words). The proposal is to address the following points:

What issue/topic are you addressing with your artwork?

Why are you addressing this issue/topic?

How do you feel about this issue/topic?
How does this issue/topic affect society or the individual?

What will your artwork be?
What will your artwork look like?
What will your artwork be of?

Why is digital art the best way of exploring your issue/topic?

How are you going to make your artwork?

How will you be presenting your artwork?

Why are you presenting your work in this way?

What special requirements do you need to present your work in this way?

What is an artwork and artist that will influence your artwork? Include at least 3 images.

Why does this influence your work?

How will you use this influence in your artwork?

Assessment Criteria:
A satisfactory completion of assignment requires:
• A typed proposal addressing the above points, of approximately 500 words, submitted on the due date.
• Your proposal to be comprehensive and well written.
• Your proposal to be descriptive, imaginative and ambitious yet achievable.
Relevant resources (including images) correctly referenced using the Harvard referencing system, including a bibliography.

Due: Week 5
500 words
Presented on your blog.


Welcome to ACF2001 Introduction to Digital Art at Victoria University. This is the class blog where we will be posting tutorials, homework and links. So keep checking back here regularly to stay up to date!

Have a great semester!