Saturday, 27 April 2013

Effect filters in FCP

Applying a Filter to a Clip 
You can apply filters to clips in a sequence or to clips in the Browser, but it’s very 
important to understand the distinction between these two methods. 
 If you apply filters to a sequence clip:  The filters are applied only to that clip. The 
master clip in the Browser remains untouched. 
 If you apply filters to a master clip in the Browser:  Instances of that clip already in other 
sequences are untouched, but if you edit the master clip into a sequence, the new 
filter accompanies the clip into the sequence. 
In most cases, you apply filters to individual clips in sequences, not to master clips in the 
Browser. There may be occasions where you want every instance of a master clip edited 
into a sequence to have the same filter applied, such as during color correction. In this 
case, apply the color correction filter to the master clip in the Browser. However, filters 
applied to clips are still independent of each other. If you modify the filter parameters 
for a master clip, the same filter parameters in affiliate clips are not modified. 
Tip:  To maintain consistent filter settings across multiple clips, you can copy and paste 
filter settings using the Paste Attributes command.

To apply a filter to a clip in a sequence, do one of the following: 
  • Select one or more clips in the Timeline, then drag a filter from the Effects tab of the Browser to one of the selected clips in the Timeline.

  • Select one or more clips in the Timeline, choose Effects > Video Filters, then choose a filter from the submenus. 
Open a sequence clip in the Viewer, then do one of the following: 
  • Choose Effects > Video Filters, then choose a filter from the submenus. Drag a filter from the Effects tab of the Browser directly into the Viewer. You can apply a filter to an entire clip or just part of a clip. 

Once you add a filter or transition you may get a red bar running along the top of your timeline, and if you try to play from your time line it may say UNRENDERED on a blue and black screen. This simply means you need to render the clip to be able to view it. This may take a while depending on the degree of the effects and the length of the clips. 

In the menu bar Sequence > Render > Both
Short cut is Command R.

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