Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More Collaging Techniques in Photoshop

  • You can rotate layers when you free transform (command T) by moving your cursor close to the corner, you will get a curved arrow which allows you to turn it around.
  • Use the move tool to place layers into position.

  • Use the magic wand tool (or quick selection tool) to select areas of similar value (i.e. colour), for cutting or copying.

  • Use the clone stamp to transfer part of an image on to another, or onto the same image. Option click on the source, then with the clone stamp tool still selected, paint over the area you want changed. 
  • Don't forget that collage also incorporates painted, drawn and text elements. Feel free to paint, draw and type over your collage, using the paint brush or pencil tool and the text/type tool.

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