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2nd Gen and Contemporary Video Artists

Marina Abramovic : Starting out as a painter, Abramović subsequently shifted her focus to conceptual work, sound installations and mainly performances. She started in 1973 performing several works such as"Rhythm", in which she intended to stretch the limits of her body and mind. This theme appears in all her work, especially in her collaborative work with Ulay.

Dara Birnbaum : appropriates the television images and works with them in a subversive way, but her explicit intention is to show its superficiality and to unmask its manipulative methods.

John Cage : The American composer John Cage, to whom every kind of sound was considered to be music music, is probably best known for breaking the boundaries between music, performance, noise and sound.

Sophie Calle : Consciously conceals the borders between art and life, fiction and reality, and between the private and public. Transforms her daily life with a series of performances, usually executed as a combination of texts and photographs.

Gary Hill : began working with video, text and sound in 1973 and has produced a major body of single-channel videotapes and video installations that includes some of the most significant works in the field of video art. 

Pierre Huyghe : Much of Huyghe's work examines the structural properties of film and its problematic relationship to reality. His work frequently mixes fact with fiction.

Paul McCarthy : performance work in the 70s; in late 80s video/performance installations.

Pipilotti Rist : aesthetic language quite close to music videos through the combination of music, performance and electronic manipulation. 

Matthew Barney : He is best known as the producer and creator of the CREMASTER films, a series of five visually extravagant works created out of sequence (CREMASTER 4 began the cycle, followed by CREMASTER 1, etc.). The films generally feature Barney in myriad roles, including characters as diverse as a satyr, a magician, a ram, Harry Houdini, and even the infamous murderer Gary Gilmore. 

Shirin Neshat : one of a growing number of contemporary international artists whose work crosses boundaries of nationality, culture, and artistic medium. Using photography and video, she has produced a body of work that investigates the cultural conflicts resulting from the collision of tradition and modernity in the East and West. Neshat turned to the media of photography and video in an attempt to investigate the role of women and feminism in Islamic society as well as her own status as a self-imposed artist in exile.

Soda_Jerk :  remix artists who work across the media of video, photo-collage and installation. By atomising and reassembling recorded culture they aim to manufacture counter-mythologies of the past that open new possibilities for thinking the present. 

Bill Viola : "My work? - says Bill Viola - is focused on a process of self-discovery and self-realization. Video is part of my body. It is intuitive and subconscious.

More links:

Pipilotti Rist- I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much
Pipilotti Rist- I Couldn't Agree with you MorePipilotti Rist - Be Nice To Me (Flatten 04)

Pipilotti Rist- Sip My Ocean (1996)

Bill Viola - The Reflecting Pool
Bill Viola - Ocean Without a Shore - Venice Biennale 2007

Gary Hill - Mouth Piece (1978)
Gary Hill - Site Recite (a prologue) 1989 

Switch (eye), by Tony OURSLER (1996)
Tony Oursler - Axe
David Bowie - Where Are We Now? (video by Tony Oursler)

Contemporary video art, whilst still including single channel or multi channel works (video works played on the one or multiple screens), has extended into another newish art form; installation. This is where the videos are shown, either projected or on a monitor, amongst an environment incorporating sculptural elements, objects, or intervened space. The video may be projected onto everyday objects, such as in Pipilotti Rist's Himalaya Sisters Living Room, or onto effigies, such as Tony Oursler's many contemporary works.

Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle is a pivotal contemporary work, in that it has the aura of a big budget Hollywood feature film/s, yet at it's centre it is conceptual and experimental.

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