Thursday, 21 March 2013

Photoshop - Tools

Move Tool: Allows you to move a selection or entire layer by dragging it with your mouse or using your keyboard arrow keys

Marquee: Allows you to select rectangular, elliptical, single column or row of your image.

Lasso: Allows you to select precise areas of an image by drawing or tracing the selection outline.

Quick Selection/Magic Wand: Select and area of an image based on its colour.

Crop: Allows you to select an area of an image and discard everything else.

Eyedropper: Picks up a colour.

Healing, Patch, Red Eye Reduction: Allows you to fix image imperfections.

Bruch, Pencil: Allows you to paint and draw.

Clone Stamp: Allows you to duplicate part of an image.

Eraser: Erases part of the image.

Gradient: Very useful for creating masks

Blur, Smudge, Sharpen: B, S, S areas of you image.

Dodge, Burn, Sponge: Lighten or darken areas which are under or over exposed. Saturate or desaturate colour.

Pen: Draw accurate shapes, select them, fill them or outline them.

Text: Add text.

Path/Direct Selection Tool: Select part or all of a path.

Shape: Draw rectangles, ellipses and polygons.

Hand, Rotate View: Move your canvas around the screen or rotate your canvas.

Zoom: Zoom in or out (hold Alt key)

Colour: set foreground and background colour.

Quick Mask: make a quick selection for a mask.

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